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Grab Your Popcorn! 🍿

Okay, if y'all know me you probably know that I am a big fan of movies! And it may sound crazy but God often uses them to speak to me! I love looking for the deeper meaning in what I watch. So today I want to do something fun and share a few of my favorite movies, along with some things that God has shown me through them. I hope that you guys enjoy this and that you can maybe find an idea for your next movie night out of this wildly eclectic bunch!

  1. You guessed it, number one is the Chronicles of Narnia! You guys, it's just the absolute best (in my opinion, but also actually). It's basically the story of the gospel retold in an imaginative way, and God has used it to teach me so many things! He's taught me that He gives us the courage we need for the battle right in front of us, and that He is a strong, kind, and protective Father. Narnia has given me a visual depiction of the spiritual world and our place in it as God's kids. Jesus is victorious and we can trust Him!

2. Facing the Giants is about a high school revival and a football coach who is learning to put God first in his life. I grew up watching this movie so it feels like my childhood on a screen, but I recently started watching it again and I am wrecked all over again by how good it is! It's a super low-budget film made by a church, but give it a chance! It's nothing short of a classic in my book. Facing the Giants has taught me that no matter how hopeless a situation may seem, God is faithful. When we trust Him and are faithful to worship Him with the little things in life, He does the impossible on our behalf.

3. Joseph King of Dreams is an animated movie about the life of Joseph (from the Bible). It is another one of those classic childhood movies that will absolutely never be outdated... the soundtrack alone is reason enough to watch it! It is a stunning reminder that God's ways are higher than our ways and that He is faithful through it all. (If you like this one then definitely check out Prince of Egypt, an equally awesome movie made by DreamWorks about the life of Moses.)

4. Just thinking about this movie makes me want to cry, and not even because it's sad. It's just that good. October Baby is about a girl who finds out that she was the survivor a failed abortion attempt, and about her journey to forgiveness, love, and healing. From October Baby, I learned that life is beautiful even on the journey, forgiveness is a powerful choice, and that redemption is real. (This movie also has one of my favorite soundtracks!)

5. Hopefully you can tell that this is Wonder Woman, if not then this is your sign to go watch it asap. I don't even know how to summarize it. It's so profound guys! Every time I watch it I get a revelation of a spiritual reality... and don't EVEN get me started on Wonder Woman 1984! One of my favorite things about the character of Wonder Woman (Diana) is that she models what it looks like when we walk in our identity. When we know who we are we can do hard things, like in my favorite scene when Diana just walks across a battlefield. We have been given the armor of God; the only difference between Wonder Woman and us is that our battles are real-life! Next time you watch Wonder Woman ask God to show you how you are like her, instead of just wishing you could be that cool (preaching to myself over here).

6. The Matrix is basically about a man who becomes dissatisfied with life, knowing that there must be something more. Through some wild events, he is given the opportunity to learn the truth about life and to become someone that he never thought he would be! Like I talked about in my last post, this earth is not what we think it is. There is so much more! God has used The Matrix to teach me that when we start to believe that we are who He says we are and that we can do what He says we can do, we become unstoppable.

7. And finally, Instant Family. Like pretty much every movie on this list, Instant Family makes me laugh and cry every time. It's the story of a couple that fosters three children, and through lots of struggles, the "instant family" learns to love each other. This movie is a big deal because it is one of very few, if any, secular movies that depict foster care in a positive light. Instant Family will give you a good laugh and a moving call to action about the foster care crisis in America. Through this movie I learned that all children are worthy of love, and family is worth any struggle. (FYI, there is some language in this one and probably The Matrix too).

Just one more... This is the trailer for a documentary called Father of Lights that is so so so so good. You won't regret watching it!

Alright guys that's it for now... thanks for reading!

Have an awesome day! ☀️

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