February 25, 2015


I've lived in Montana for almost 10 combined years and we now we live in Colorado, so when it comes to fashion and winter there are a few "musts" on my list. It starts and ends with lots of layers! My staples are a great hat, wool jacket, scarf, skinny jeans, boots and wool socks, you can basically expect to find me in some sort of arrangement of this kind.  

Hat: handmade by a friend | Scarf: Target | Jacket: Ross (a few seasons ago) | Jeans Levis | Boots: Sorels 

I will admit that if you follow me on instagram than you saw how a few weeks back I was literally wearing shorts and a tank top. I really didn't know what to do with myself, so I was that crazy lady who woke up so excited to see snow on the ground, because it meant I got to cozy up in my favorite scarf and boots. Hope you all are enjoying all the crazy up and down weather it seems everyone is having... I guess that means one thing. Spring is COMING!! What is your winter staple item?

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February 23, 2015


Blog Better Series | openspacesblog.com
I want to talk about the importance of using and taking quality images when you blog. There are lots of arguments about whether it is important to use images when you blog. For me this is a no brainer. Use images. We are a very visual society, we are drawn into blogs based on appearance (Images are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text). This may seem very shallow but in my opinion it is true. When I first started blogging I knew no one so I just started floating around from one blog to the next and I realized very quickly that I spent more time on blogs that were visually appealing. Sure if there really wasn't any content to back up the pretty pictures that caught my attention I was most like not going to be a returning viewer. I'm not saying this to discourage you but to really say that with a few simple tricks you will be well on your way to making your blog more visually appealing and will probably gain some new viewers along the way. 

Lets take a peak at what my images looked like when I started blogging.... please dont judge its a bit embarrassing :) (if you look through some of my beginning posts I'll warn you the images are BAD, but I'm working on replacing them with new images as I go)
Blog Better Series | openspacesblog.com

5 simple tricks to taking better pictures:

1. Natural Light. Lighting is so important, you can see in the images above that I used a flash in my first image and natural light in the second. I learned quickly it is better to not use your flash so, if you have one take away from this post, I would say just start by turning your flash off and not using it again :)

When I first started taking blog pictures I would just take pictures of my recipes or project in the evening, but I saw quickly that this wasn't going to work. So I started planning to wake up a little earlier or wait for the weekend so that I could work with the natural light. Try and know your house and where and at what time you have the best light. I started (and still do) walk around the house with a plate of food and see where my light is best. Sometimes I would take pictures in my office or hold a plate to the window in my kitchen if the light was getting low. Play around and get to know your surroundings. 

2. Composition. Composition refers to the placement of an object and its surroundings. When you are setting up your subject whether food, beauty products or people you want to pick your focus. Composition is a way of guiding the viewers eye to the most important part of you image, your subject. 

Begin with the Rule of Thirds. If you haven't heard of the rule of thirds begin by looking into your screen of your camera and either turn on your grid or imagine a tick-tac-toe grid on your screen. Then place your subject within one of the 3 segments (vertical or horizontal) When working with people lining them up with one of the vertical grids works well, but with landscapes working with one of the horizontal grids. 

3. Angles. Play with taking pictures of your subject from multiple angles. I rarely take a picture standing and shooting straight on. You can find me standing on a chair, squatting down or some other contorted position. When you play with different angle you will find that certain angles work better than others and sometimes you will be surprised at what angle you are drawn to. 

4. Resolution. One of my biggest mistakes when I started blogging was not paying attention to the resolution of my images. I would take small images and try to enlarge them, which resulted in a grainy & pixilated image. Always take your pictures at a higher resolution, there is no quality loss to an image if you make a high resolution image smaller only if you stretch it larger. 

5. Background. Know your background, if you're taking a wide angle shot make sure your background is cleaned up. You probably don't want a messy living room in your background while you try and take a picture of your favorite lipstick. If I'm shooting a recipe post from above I love display my food items on my favorite wood cutting board. This creates a clean backdrop for my subject. Another trick is to purchase some white poster board and place it behind the subject you are shooting.  

I hope these tricks help you out, what sort of tricks have you learned when it comes to your blogging photography? 

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February 20, 2015


If you've been around here for a little bit that you have heard me talk about our recent life changes. But something you may not know is that I hate transition and change, it is something that doesn't come naturally to me. Growing up we moved around quite a bit, I lived in multiple homes, states and even countries and the one thing that change has taught me is that your surroundings don't define you. 

Sure I love to create a "home," decorate and feel settled into a house and friendships, but life doesn't alway work that way. I have had to realize that just because everything looks different around you, you are still the same. I still have the same passions and desires in my heart. Some of my greatest outlets are through art and dance. Both of these things require space or tools and in the past I have allowed my different life situations to become an excuse as to why I don't paint or dance, but when I do this a part of me slowly dies. Instead I realize that I don't need to make excuses, there will always be that temptation to not fully live out my passions, so I counter this by doing. When I think I don't have a place to dance I just do, in the kitchen, entryway, outside. I just dance. When I don't have the finances to paint or a place to put up my easel, I buy a notebook and some drawing pens and make a goal to create something new everyday. We all have something in our lives that we love to do, but are you making an excuse not to do it? If you are try to think of a way to adapt, is there a way to live out your passion right now? I hope so, because this is when you are truly alive :) 

xo Kendra 

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