October 31, 2014


I was a shy kid growing up and I still can have my moments, but something about dressing up and eating tons of candy always made an impact on me. I dont have a huge sweet tooth (like I would keep most of my candy for a year and then just toss it for some new stuff) but I think that has changed over the years. Some good carmel and chocolate....mmmm! So I dont know what you are up to for this festive night, but be safe and have fun and Ill leave you with some great Friday sales incase you're feeling a little old like I am tonight and I might just dress up in my sweats and eat my candy in the comfort of my bed :) 


- GroopDealz is a great site for boutique clothing items at a really reasonable price. Use code "TREAT10" for an additional 10% off marked down prices

- Shutterfly is offering this special sale that ends on Nov 2nd: Use code "MONSTERSALE" for many different promo opportunities, including 50% off hard cover books & 30% off everything else!

- Canvas Prints is having a Buy One Get one Free plus free shipping! Offer ends Nov 2nd

- Sign up for Shutterfly and get 101 free 4x6 prints by using code "GOODIES" instead of the regular 50 free

- TinyPrints  Deal of the day: 50% off Address Labels and Gift Tags...lets get ready for the holidays ekk

Hope you hall have a great Halloween Night!

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October 28, 2014


One thing that I love about design is that it is ever changing. Yes, there are rules and principles that any good designer abides by, but once you know those tools you can create with such freedom. Those bounds can be a huge history changing thing or something small but small doesn't mean its wont make a difference. 

Ok, now that I went off on that little design tangent. What I was trying to say is that I love to create and that doesn't change in my day to day life. I seem to be constantly changing things in my home all the time and it makes my husband nutty. So early on we decided that I cant make huge furniture altering changes without letting him know first because he used to come home and I would have everything in new spot. So this challenge and my constant need to adjust things led me to re-styling little corners in our home often. These small changes keep your creativity going and keep your home interesting. 

Below is one end table styled two different ways, Do you have a preference?



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October 26, 2014


When the chilly air rolls in you can bet you will find me with a nice bowl of soup for dinner. It is one of my favorite things, it warms your belly and just is just a bowl full of comfort. These past few days have been feeling a little different. There is just something in the air around here, a hint of potential snow just around the corner. And with that comes the internal scream of "I can't believe that October is almost over," its a little crazy how fast these next few months roll by so I plan on trying out a few more soup recipes to slow things down. Because making soup just settles life down for me. 

You have to let things simmer and you don't want to rush the process, then you just sit down and slowly sip all the goodness with a hunk of crunchy bread.... ahh now I'm drooling. If you follow me on Pinterest, than you have seen a fair share of yummy soups pinned and if not here are a few recipes that I'm can't wait to try. 

Black Bean soup | Cauliflower Chowder | Octoberfest Stew  Don't they look amazing! Ill let you know how they turn out :)

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