July 29, 2015


I told you last week that we had a bit of an unintentional martini themed party a few weeks back, and what is a martini party without the classic dirty martini? I used to hate, I mean hate this drink. I couldn't put my finger on what it was that I didn't care for, because I love green olives, so I should like a dirty martini right??? 
Well low and behold it was the vodka that I didn't care for, once I asked for a dirty "gin" martini I was sold. I know not everyone likes the distinct flavor of gin but I really like it. So for this recipe I used gin but you can substitute if for vodka if you prefer. 


2 1/2 ounces gin (or vodka)
1/2 ounce dry vermouth
5 teaspoons olive brine

Cocktail Shaker
Chilled Martini Glass


  1. In a cocktail shaker, mix ingredients together over a generous amount of ice. Shake. And then shake some more...
  2. Pour mixture into a chilled martini glass, garnish with a few olives and sip away!
If you plan on making this drink, let me know what you would make it with... gin or vodka? 

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July 27, 2015


Marcus and I love hanging out and after now 6 years of marriage sometimes our date nights are spend in comfy clothes and Netflix. We love us a good movie/ tv binge night, but we switched it up for our anniversary. 

Our anniversary is actually on the same day as my Mother-in-law's birthday which is a lot of fun. But for this night we had a birthday dinner with everyone and then quickly changed, snuck out and went to get drinks and dessert. I usually take my own outfit pictures and now I know why haha. Marcus snapped these so fast and then said "done" more as a statement than question. I'll have to work on that guy :) The days have been in the 90's so I threw on this light dress and my new favorite shoes I picked up for a steal at TJmaxx! They are sooo comfortable. 

What does your favorite go-to date outfit or date night activity look like? 

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July 24, 2015


On Sunday we found ourselves in Bellingham Washington, a 22 hour drive from where we have been living. My grandfather's health has been failing and we decided we needs to make the trip to be with family. It is crazy the seasons of life that come your way. Sometimes I think I don't have enough to get to tomorrow, but then I wake up with more motivation and purpose to push through tomorrow.

I am forever grateful to be here right now, I love that we can be here with family during this hard time. I am so grateful for your support and love during this time.

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